Week 5- Evaluation

Overall I have really enjoyed this course! There was certainly some aspects I struggled with but I was able to muddle my way through it! In the future if I was to take another course like this I would like a little bit more direction, especially in regards to how assignments should be formatted and cited. I definitely learned a lot from this course and I like how the information was presented, and how we were required to annotate each reading, it really helped me to understand the readings as well as see other perspectives on the readings, and made me keep on top of the weekly readings. There was a few things that I needed clarification on such as citation for the final project, how assignments need to be organized and I wasn’t quite sure when the deadline was for the weekly assignemts when the course first started. My computer skills were also definitely not as good as I first thought when the course started! It was nice to be able to work on those aas well through the course. I will certainly be using some of the tools we used in this course in future classes, evernote for sure will be used as I found that unbelievably helpful.

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