Week 3- Markup and Data

Hello! For this week’s assignment I chose to play One Up and Zen Tag. One Up is a 2 player game that involved picture/description and the best description wins. One up is a descriptive game but it is super fun and easy. Out of both the games I played this one was probably my favouite because I had someone to play against! The second game, Zen Tag, was where the player was presented with an image and had to tag it as accurately as possible. I actually had a pretty difficult time with this game, I wasn’t ever able to get the tags as close as possible because I simply wasn’t focusing on the right kind of information that the image presented. I really appreciated the ability to skip pictures as well, I used it more than I would like to admit. As calming as Zen Tag was supposed to be I never got into it as much as One Up. Overall I would play One Up again, probably because it’s a competitive game though!

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