Week 2 – Research and Communication

For this assignment I focused on women’s history and through the websites I was able to expand my learning through different mediums rather than just reading an article. I found that in one of the articles the audio files so helpful! It was so much more than just reading the testimonies from the women. I could hear the emotion in their voices and was much better able to feel how they muct have felt. I think that the audio file aspect truly adds a whole other aspect to both learning and teaching. Digital humanities has not diminished the emotional/human aspect of the humanities but rather opened more doors for better understanding.

One other area that I found were the visual maps in this article. It made the information much easier to understand mainly because I learn much better, especially about locations, if I have a visual aspect to accomany it. I find it harder to truly grasp the information if there is nothing for me to actually look at and study, mainly because I am terrible with orientating myself with places! The maps are definitely one of the most useful tools offered! The timelines offered in some of the articles were also very helpful but I find that I gained the most from the audio files and the mapping in regards to my own learning. A link to my evernote notebook is here. I look forward to using this website further along in my academic career!

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