Reproductive Health Care in America project proposal

This project will look into reproductive health care in America and the history of policies that came after Roe v. Wade. Reproductive health care, specifically abortions, in the United States has been a polarizing topic and most likely will continue to be. When Roe v. Wade was passed by the supreme court in 1973 abortion became a constitutional right in the United States, this did not come easily for the women of America though. The decision to have an abortion is an extremely personal choice between a woman and her health care provider but, especially recently more and more states are passing unconstitutional laws to restrict access to safe, legal abortions. Through this project I will create an easy to use timeline using knight lab to highlight the historical passing of Roe v. Wade and restrictive laws that have been passed since then, including the recent laws passed by Alabama governor (R) Kay Ivey. Along with the laws showcased in the timeline I will also be analyzing attacks made on both providers and clinics to see if there is any correlation between states passing extremely restrictive laws and violence towards those that provide. Knight lab will also be used to create a story map to show which states have the most liberal laws compared to ones that are the most controlling and restrictive and information regarding the state’s history with the abortion debate.

 This project is going to be designed to further inform those who are willing and hopefully educate those who do not agree with a women’s ability to choose what is best for her reproductive health. I will use visualization throughout my final project along with links to documentaries to accompany and advance the information presented. With 21 states either hostile or very hostile and only 4 states being supportive or very supportive, this is a topic that impacts so many people. I hope that through this project I can create an informational space on my blog where someone can look and find most, if not all of the information needed regarding laws and restrictions. This topic is an important one to be vocal about and discuss because it effects so many women and girls when more laws are being consistently passed to obstruct their rights and access to safe, legal abortions.

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